Model Medical refrigerator
 YC-182B YC-308B YC-500B
Capacity(L) 182L 308L 500L
Inside temperature(℃) 0℃ to +8℃
Power supply ~220V/50Hz (or 110V/60Hz)
Power consumption(kw.h/24) 0.75kw.h/24 0.85kw.h/24 1.0kw.h/24
Rated input(W) 118W 125W 145W
Protective class B of I
Climate class N
Refrigerant/charge R134a/70g R134a/120g R134a/150g
Net/Gross weight(kg) 60kg/65kg 70kg/75kg 85kg/90kg
External dimension(mm) 1064×620×925 1125×710×925 1705×7105×925
Packing dimension(mm) 1128×656×990 1176×726×1049 1756×726×1049
Loading quantity 72 units/40’GP 60 units/40’GP 38 units/40’GP
Model Medical freezer
 YD-180B YD-308B YD-500B YD-268L YD-362L
Capacity(L) 180L 308L 500L 268L 362L
Inside temperature(℃) -15℃ to -25℃ -15℃ to -30℃
Power supply ~220V/50Hz (or 110V/60Hz)
Power consumption(kw.h/24) 1.25kw.h/24 1.85kw.h/24 2.50kw.h/24 3.0kw.h/24 3.50kw.h/24
Rated input(W) 145W 185W 240W 300W 360W
Protective class B of I
Climate class N
Refrigerant/charge R134a/120g R134a/210g R134a/300g R134a/250g R134a/460g
Net/Gross weight(kg) 65kg/70kg 75kg/80kg 85kg/90kg 110kg/140kg 150kg/180kg
External dimension(mm) 1064×620×925 1125×710×925 1705×710×925 630×730×1800 800×730×1800
Packing dimension(mm) 1440×656×990 1176×726×1049 1756×726×1049 700×800×1900 860×800×1900
Loading quantity 72 units/40’GP 60 units/40’GP 38 units/40’GP 42 units/40’GP 28 units/40’GP
Note:The above specifications are subject to improvements

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